Dr.  D. Corbett Everidge is an accomplished martial arts and personal protection coach with vast experience in the self-protection industry. He brings a holistic approach to a world of personal protection that ensures peace of mind at home, work, or around the globe.

As a self-protection and martial arts coach, Dr. Everidge enjoys a loyal client base and has won the trust of many people as he has ascended the ladder of success. His achievement as a 4th Degree Black Belt in an eclectic style of classical jujutsu coupled dual 4th Degree Black Belts in Kyokushin Karate and Kenjutsu (the art of the sword) has positioned him as an influencer in modern martial arts. Distinctive among these accomplishments is his Black Belt in Lan-Kin-Fa– a martial art created by the late Grandmaster Bill Rankin of Lancaster, England.

Dr. Everidge has a Doctor of Philosophy degree and two Master Degrees. He has served as a military intelligence analyst and military police specialist in both the North Carolina Army National Guard and the United States Navy Reserve. These experiences make it no coincidence that he is extremely qualified to coach clients to protect themselves or to become accomplished martial artists in their own right.

Dr. Everidge presents himself as a coach and not an impersonal and detached consultant. This personal approach brings forth unique approaches to empower the student and minimizes fear. He firmly believes in a coach-to-student relationship that fosters trust and loyalty. His training programs are highly customized to suit a wide range of situations with special emphasis on a holistic approach to self-protection. By holistic, Dr. Everidge instills the notion that you are responsible for your safety in all environments and circumstances.

Dr. Everidge assesses a client’s life circumstances, needs, and desires and ensures they align with realistic practices. Understanding these variables, he can work with you to achieve your goals and objectives using the most effective and up to date training techniques. With custom tailored and highly responsive training programs, you will be able to realize your self-protection goals associated with every facet of your life. He works with you, creating an individualized, unique program that addresses your needs. Dr. Everidge believes that all people should be able to live in peace in an uncertain world regardless of the risks they confront on a daily basis.