Dr. David Corbett Everidge is a security specialist and martial arts instructor with twenty years experience. He is the founder and principal specialist of a highly specialized consulting firm focusing on self-protection, martial arts instruction, travel security, and protective intelligence analysis. Based on his years of education and experience in both the civilian and military arenas, the services offered by Dr. Everidge provide peace of mind in a world where knowledge translates into confidence and peace. By being prepared and knowledgeable, a client is better prepared to meet the challenges that may confront them in a rapidly changing society.

Dr. Everidge brings a vast array of vision, education, and experience to the needs of the client. In a world gripped by the fear, he seeks to fill the void in individual and organizational peace and security that is faced in contemporary society. Dr. Everidge has developed programs that provide for the security and well-being of multi-million dollar corporations, government agencies, business leaders, religious leaders, and those members of society that constantly face threats to their person and property. Based on his education and experience, Dr. Everidge provides the client with the knowledge, vision, and tools needed to protect themselves, their loved ones, their assets, and their legal interests.

At the heart of the practice of Dr. Everidge is applied pedagogy. Teaching people to live confidently in a world gripped by fear and violence is his life’s work. Dr. Everidge is a seasoned criminal justice educator at the college level. Teaching courses such as Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Criminal Investigations, and Bloodspatter Pattern Analysis, Dr. Everidge translated his real world professional experience into a viable teaching method.

The true passion of Dr. Everidge is teaching people to defend themselves by becoming aware of the world around them and mitigating threats that pose a danger to their well-being. Clients seeking personal growth and development through self-protection and martial arts training will benefit greatly through a relationship with Dr. Everidge. With 26 years of training experience and 19 years of teaching experience, Dr. Everidge brings a wealth of knowledge to the table as a 4th degree black belt in Karate. With black belts earned in Karate and Kenjutsu (the art of the sword), his lifelong love is Kyokushin Karate. Dr. Everidge is also well-versed and credentialed in training students in the defense and employment of edged weapons.

The knowledge, skills, and abilities gained as a member of the Armed Forces are at the disposal of the client. As a military intelligence professional, Dr. Everidge held a TOP Secret/ Sensitive Compartmented Information security clearance working in areas of intelligence analysis such as political intelligence and counter narcotics. This real world experience in the intelligence and security professions can prove invaluable to the client seeking assistance with travel security and protective intelligence needs.

The client of Dr. Everidge will benefit from a diverse educational background. Dr. Everidge has an earned Bachelor’s degree and two Master’s degrees in Criminal Justice and Security Management. In 2010, Dr. Everidge completed the Doctor of Philosophy candidacy with the completion and publication of his doctoral dissertation.

Personally, Dr. Everidge is a lifelong and proud resident of North Carolina, a committed Christian, and an avid martial artist.