Travel Security Coaching


Travel Security Management

Travel security management services provide businesses, employees, and individuals with peace of mind when operating or travelling to unknown, unstable, or hostile environments. Dr. Everidge develops and provides sound risk management plans, strategies and responses to ensure the safety of individuals, employees and businesses in a most efficient manner.

Training: Travel security training can be designed to the specific needs of an organization. Training courses will ensure that the traveller is aware of threats specific to their journey or areas intended to be visited, and learn simple methods to mitigate the risk to ensure safety.

Briefings and Written Research Reports: Country, city, or area research and updates can be supplied specific to the needs of an organization or objective according to current local travel security, safety, medical or natural threats.

Field Research & Risk Assessment: Dr. Everidge can conduct in-depth field research on areas to be visited by the traveller. A fully detailed written report will be supplied, giving exhaustive information and risk assessments on areas such as locations, buildings, routes, local services, and existing sociopolitical conditions.

Personnel Monitoring: Dr. Everidge offers the customized service of monitoring and alert services for the independent traveller, executive, employee, high net-worth individual, or family member, thus offering peace of mind.

Clients are assisted in developing detailed travel plans while on trips to a potentially dangerous region. A full spectrum of services range from a review of planned overseas activities, provision of emergency contacts, and the development of emergency contingency plans in case of hostilities. From determining safe routes while in country to choosing safe lodging, the client is served by thoroughly researching criminal and political all-source intelligence applicable to the area.

Clients are counseled and coached by conducting thorough research into current sociopolitical issues that can lead to a high profile client or business being placed into dangerous situations. By analyzing current social, political, and economic events in areas where clients may travel, informed plans of action can be devised to negate to the greatest extent possible any dangerous circumstances that may arise. Socio-Political analysis, in essence, is a research report that forecasts the probability of the client being impacted by political tensions, conditions, and events occurring in the country or region in which the client is operating.

An in-depth insight into social and political contexts has proven crucial to the success and development of projects. This is especially true for those that are culturally or spiritually controversial and involve environmental concerns, regional politics, and border issues. Taken as a whole, these issues are identified and analyzed to identify levels of threat that face clients when operating in potentially unfriendly locations.

Custom tailored travel security research and reports serve the client by:

– Obtaining location specific intelligence in near real-time.

– Providing alerts to times and locations where impending threats may occur.

– Making more informed decisions to minimize business disruptions.

 – Providing insights to be more proactive and less reactive with responses to threats such as kidnapping.

– Developing contingency plans as situations continually evolve.

Kidnapping Prevention Training

Incidents of kidnapping are on the rise globally. For the business traveller, high net worth individual, religious missionary, or if it is just a person on vacation with the family, it is imperative to learn strategies to cope with criminal threats such as kidnapping. Today, kidnapping impacts all people regardless of socioeconomic status, race, or religion. Simply being a resident of a specific country can mark the traveller as a target for crimes such as kidnap for ransom

Dr. Everidge’s kidnapping prevention courses are designed and custom tailored for the individual, business or organization that may travel to recognized hot spots where kidnapping is currently a security concern. The training courses and strategies are practical and designed from experience and evidence from recognized experts in the field. Dr. Everidge believes that recognition of threats and prevention of kidnappings is the key to being safe when away from home. Parlor tricks or sleight of hand techniques meant to allow you to escape a dangerous situation once you have been taken captive are not taught. The training and strategies are based on years of study into the criminal mind, real life violence, and extensive travel to foreign locations. Services provided to the client are custom designed based on your needs.