Self-Protection Coaching



Hakuda is an eclectic, family art passed on to Dr. Everidge from his instructor, Grandmaster Gerry Todd of Canterbury, Kent, England. Taught by a Japanese master and an inheritor of this family art, Hakuda is recognized by several core principles and techniques, such as simultaneous attack and defense; low, powerful kicks, vital target strikes, leg locks, and bone breaking techniques. Hakuda is only offered pursuant to special requests and to students over the age of 16.

Shito-Ryu Karate

Karate is arguably the most recognizable form of self-defense. Originating in Okinawa, karate, or “empty hand,” spread to mainland Japan and afterwards to the rest of the world. Today, the schools of karate and their individual philosophies are numerous. Karate focuses on empty hand techniques of self-defense using teaching modalities such as basic techniques, kata (forms) training, sparring, and self-defense technique development. Inherent in karate training is the development of the individual in terms of character and confidence.

The style of karate taught by Dr. Everidge is Shito-Ryu (pronounced Shee-Toe-Roo), one of the most recognized styles of karate in the world. Founded by Kenwa Mabuni, Shito-Ryu is one of the four major systems of karate practiced in Japan. It is recognized by its in-depth training and the technical proficiency of its practitioners. Shito-Ryu is characterized by its use of elbow strikes, counter attacks, and use of flowing, elastic techniques..

Dr. Everidge provides training and education in Shito-Ryu Karate in a classroom setting along with private and group instruction. In addition, seminars and workshops are provided for special topics such as kata (forms) interpretation, situational awareness and self-defense, and target selection and acquisition in sparring and self-defense contexts. Private and semi-private (group) lessons are also available. Research suggests that students participating in private or small group lessons learn on average seven to ten times faster than students engaged solely in group classes. Private and semi-private instruction is available in the following areas;


  • Basic technique development
  • Kata (forms) coaching, development, and polishing
  • Self-defense
  • Situational awareness and response
  • Competition karate coaching
  • Specialized courses for black belt practitioners


At the heart of karate is character development. Because Dr. Everidge teaches from a standpoint of the Christian faith, the student will benefit not only from the intended nature of karate, but also from Christian fellowship.

The goal of Dr. Everidge is to defend, revitalize, and advance the teaching of the traditional art of karate. Defending traditional teaching means preventing any deterioration of the foundation of the art. Revitalizing it means, in some cases, reintroducing elements of training that helped make karate what it was originally intended to be. And, finally, advancing the legacy of past karate masters means allowing the art to develop into realms that it may not have yet gone so far in human history.

Edged Weapons Training

Dr. Everidge’s blade curriculum is an intensive course that will cover the combative use of a knife and the counter responses to knife attacks. Topics taught by Dr. Everidge include carrying and deployment of the blade, targeting, utilizing the blade as a force multiplier and more. Training culminates in scenarios designed to apply your new skills.

The edged weapons courses taught by Dr. Everidge are not comprehensive, yet they are effective. The goals of the knife-training curriculum include teaching people how to use a blade in a safe effective way so that they can protect themselves if needed. Also, courses help other martial artists, public safety professionals, and citizens by giving them the basic tools for understanding the knife and how to use it.

Dr. Everidge’s method of knife training will enable you to become skilled with your knife quickly and safely. This course is all about empowering you. This is not to suggest that you will be a master of the blade quickly. Like all other weapons, basic skills come with constant, steady practice while mastery happens over a lifetime of constant training.

A real world knife fight is not like a well-choreographed movie fight scene. In this knife combatives curriculum, Dr. Everidge has developed a training methodology where you will learn how to use a knife to its maximum potential in all situations: standing, kneeling, sitting and on the ground, with less-than-lethal and lethal results. Carefully crafted for you is a training philosophy where you will learn how to use a knife to its maximum potential. The following topics are covered in the edged weapons courses offered by Dr. Everidge:


  1. The Psychology of Knife Violence.
  2. Solo Knife Drills.
  3. Partner Knife Drills.
  4. Combat Knife Scenarios.
  5. Moral, ethical, legal and political issues.

All training is conducted using training blades with a dull, non-sharpened edge, or a rubber training knife, in order to ensure a safe and effective training environment. Under no circumstances will live, sharpened blades be used during a course of instruction.

Specialized Courses

Special topics courses with Dr. Everidge are fast paced one or two day course of instruction. The curriculum can also be offered as a long-term course of instruction. Develop your assertiveness, confidence, and the ability to recognize, adapt to, and overcome dangerous situations. This is a no nonsense, down to Earth course in real world “ditch fighting.” You will not learn to find your spiritual center. You will not become a UFC fighter. You will learn simple and savage techniques that you can quickly adapt to your lifestyle.

Dr. Everidge will dispel a lot of nonsense, physically and tactically that has been taught as self-protection. You will learn something about yourself. You will learn quickly what it means to walk in peace. The combatives training curriculum includes:

-Environmental and Situational Awareness and Tactics (E.S.A.T.)

-Vehicle Tactics and Training

-Women’s Tactics and Training

-Anti-Bullying Training


 Are Christians morally justified in using physical force in order to defend themselves in the event of a violent encounter?

This question has perplexed the Christian Church for centuries. In the modern age, Christians are told that they must turn the other cheek and to avoid violence at all costs, even in the face of violence directed against them. In an age where violence and vitriol is becoming more commonplace and possible against followers of Christ, we are at a moral and philosophical crossroads in terms of how we as Christians respond to violence.

D. Corbett Everidge, PhD is now taking the lead in bringing this issue to the forefront of Christian thought.

Based on intense research into scriptural issues concerning interpersonal violence coupled with in-depth knowledge of self-protection, I stand ready to assist your church in understanding this complex issue.  By drawing on passages in the Old and New Testaments, I have developed a course of instruction that can be tailored to your specific needs.

The Biblical Self Protection program covers topics such as:


  • Scenarios of violence directed at Christians
  • The Justification of the Use of Force by a Christian
  • The Scope and Duration of Self Defense actions taken by a Christian
  • Appropriate Measures of Self Defense in accordance with Scripture
  • Historical references to Christians using force to defend themselves
  • Augustine and the Just War Theory
  • The Temple Defense

This program is not a cookie cutter approach. Rather, it is tailored to meet your specific needs. I offer classroom seminars and/or workshops including self-protection and situational awareness techniques.

In addition, I am able to work with Christian youth groups within your church. Bullying, courtship violence, and the dangers of a growing secular world can cause great harm to our youth. Using the aforementioned curriculum, this program can be targeted at helping our youth understand their worth as an individual, their responsibility in coming to the aid of those that are being bullied or harmed emotionally, and living in a world that is becoming hostile to Christianity by living fearlessly in faith.

The mission of Dr. Everidge is to help others by using our God given talents. As a Christian, it is my privilege to assist you in contemplating, understanding, and exercising self-protection in accordance with our faith.