Self-Protection Coaching



The personal protection and self-defense industry has become so specialized that security has been replaced by the perception of safety. Companies that focus solely on situational awareness as opposed to holistic preparedness prioritize the appearance of safety over realistic security. True security comes in not only understanding potential threats to your well-being, but in understanding yourself. If you are only aware of the situation around you, the most important variable of your safety has been overlooked: YOU.

You are part of the environment in which you live, work, and exist. Your habits, personal interactions, and relationships are all part of your environment in which situations arise. To take one of these variables out of your security protocol is to open yourself up to an unwarranted vulnerability.

PhDCE boasts in the provision of orientation, awareness, and the art of true security. Each client is approached with the uniqueness of their lifestyle, circumstances, and demands. The art of listening is utilized as a tool to establish effective communication so that your prospects and context can be understood. A relationship based on communication, understanding, trust, and empathy is established, within which the appropriate coaching service will establish the appropriate path from which to proceed to meet your security needs.  All measures are taken holistically to set a right path for your protection in the light of true security, not just an allusion to your safety- which is the essence of living.

Our tool kit of services is comprised of a wholesome approach to safety and security. From martial arts and self-protection training to security coaching pertaining to your residence, business, travel, or relationships, the benefits of a personal and professional coaching relationship with Dr. Everidge are worth booking a training session. Personal safety and security are relative-it does not depend solely on situations. Rather, safety and security are the sum of situations that occur in their environment. Security is the ability to keep yourself safe. The individual as an important entity is whom Dr. Everidge believes in and develops. The final product is a person for whom the art and act of security is built into the consciousness.

The coaching services offered by Dr. Everidge are custom tailored to meet the needs of the client, and include:

  • Environmental and Situation Awareness Training (E.S.A.T.)
  • Self-Protection Coaching
  • Martial Arts Coaching
  • Home security surveys, analysis, protocols, and plans
  • Travel security plans and protocols
  • Social media analysis
  • Reputation management
  • Asset protection

With PhDCE, security is a holistic approach based on the totality of your life.