The PhDCE Story

The modern world is a place of potential threat, and if you’re not prepared, dire consequences may be faced. However, there is good news. You can recognize risks and threats to your well-being and take measures to maintain your peace and safety. Based on this premise, the mission of Dr. Everidge is to help individuals, as a lifestyle coach, to realize the importance of self-protection and how they can use it to their advantage.

Self-protection and martial arts are a way of life for Dr. Everidge. As a coach, he champions martial arts and the study of self-protection as a lifestyle in order to live in peace. Aside from his solo coaching practice, he co-founded the Ministry of Defense, leveraging his 26 years of teaching and training in the martial arts alongside his vast education and experience. With a 4th Degree Black Belt in an eclectic style of classical jujutsu, Kyokushin Karate and Kenjutsu, Dr. Everidge is no Johnny-come-lately in the martial arts and self-protection industry. As a self-protection, martial arts, and lifestyle coach, he doesn’t consider himself your regular impersonal, detached consultant. The clients of Dr. Everidge clients have been delighted to benefit from his proffered strategies and solutions to common threats plaguing our lives today.

Dr. Everidge only provides custom designed courses and coaching programs. His training programs have been instrumental to the successes of multi-million dollar corporations, government agencies, civic and religious organizations, high net worth clients and celebrities, and everyday citizens. The defense strategies of these diverse clients are reviewed continuously to meet the needs of the client while mitigating the threats of the contemporary world.

Dr. Everidge’s world has been shaped to always be cognizant that danger could be lurking anywhere. To this end, he coaches clients to realize that being safe and living in peace is their primary responsibility. He believes that when properly coached and mentored, people can successfully protect themselves or their loved by their own merits.

To effectively coach the client on a personal level, he combines a unique vision with his years of experience in martial arts and real-world experience. He strives to provide the best training and coaching to provide clients with the required knowledge and tools they need to protect themselves.

Personally, Dr. D. Corbett  Everidge is married. He and his wife are foster parents in North Carolina. A devoted Christian, he is an avid martial artist, enjoys hiking, reading and travelling during leisure time.