Martial Arts Coaching


cropped-white_field1.jpgMartial arts must be both life enhancing and life preserving. When facing a violent situation, self –protection based on in-depth martial arts study enhances and preserves life. On this premise, Dr. Everidge offers a variety of training seminars and workshops to allow you to control your destiny regardless of the circumstance. Courses can be specially tailored to accomodate your schedule, even if he has to come to your location. Yes, this Doctor makes housecalls!


Hakuda is a close-combat method of fighting. In this style of jujutsu, stealth, speed, and fluid movement come into play to help you overcome the opponent. Hakuda is an eclectic martial art, in that it draws on anything that works to accomplish a task.

Dr. Everidge leverages his expertise and experience to train you in Hakuda whether you are a novice or an experienced martial artist. The wealth of knowledge at his disposal can be drawn upon to improve confidence and skill level. Hakuda follows an array of core principles and techniques, which Dr. Everidge brings to the fore to achieve his goal with you.The core principles of Hakuda include fluid body movement, simultaneous attack and defense, vital target strikes, bone breaking techniques, flesh manipulation, leg locks,  and low, powerful kicks. Hakuda is a concussive, aggressive art, and as such it is offered to adult students only.

Krav Maga

Krav Maga is an Israeli martial art and often regarded as the world’s premiere hand-to-hand fighting system. Krav Maga is used by both military and police forces in many countries. Using some of the best elements of other martial art styles, Kray Maga leverages combat techniques and applies them in real life scenarios. The student will learn to defend him or herself against grabs, chokes, strikes and a range of weapons.

Dr. Everidge offers a range of Kray Maga classes for different students, novice or experienced.  Classes may be in groups, specialized small groups, private coaching training, in which case Dr. Everidge travels to your location.

Kyokushin Karate

Kyokushin means “the ultimate truth” in Japanese which was defined by the founder, Masutatsu (Mas) Oyama in the description of the height of martial arts training. Kyokushin is one of the most widely recognized systems of Karate in the world. It is a never-ending journey in which  perseverance, dedication, and courage meet wisdom, humility and compassion for our fellow human beings.

Dr. Everidge uses the classroom setting to teach Kyokushin Karate alongside private and group instruction. In addition, you will be genuinely rewarded by attending his seminars and workshops.Topics covered during private and small group instruction include kata interpretation, situational awareness, self protection techniques , and target selection and acquisition. Dr. Everidge has a special interest and expertise in kata development and interpretation.  You will find interesting, private and semi-private instruction in the following areas:


  • Basic technique development
  • Kata (forms) coaching, development, and polishing
  • Kata interpretation
  • Competition karate coaching
  • Self-protection

Impact Weapons Training

Impact weapons training by Dr. Everidge is designed to provide the fundamentals of self-protection and selection using an impact weapon such as a staff, baton, or chain. You will learn to protect yourself using a wide range of impact weapons and improvised weapons. You will become familiar with basic stances, footwork, balance and body mechanics. You will also be introduced to different tactics, offensive and defensive ranges, and techniques. He will help you to understand weapon selection, weapon deployment and carry options.

Dr. Everidge’s impact weapons curriculum takes you through the act of combat using the weapon and counter-responses to various attacks with various weapons. Although not a comprehensive course, you will be able to utilize your new skills in real life scenarios.

The impact weapon training curriculum entails:

  • Essential fundamentals of self-protection using an impact weapon
  • Basic stance, footwork, balance and body mechanics
  • Advance and practical techniques
  • The Psychology of close quarter violence
  • Solo Impact Weapon Drills
  • Partner Impact Weapon Drills
  • Scenario Based Training
  • Moral, ethical, legal and political issues